Breathing New Life Into St. Louis Park Multifamily Housing

At Paragon Commercial Builders, we take pride in breathing new life into buildings that have weathered the test of time. Our recent project, Bridgewalk in St. Louis Park, MN, showcases our expertise in multifamily exterior restoration and our commitment to enhancing both the functionality and aesthetic appeal of residential complexes.

Tackling Deferred Maintenance

After years of deferred maintenance, the Bridgewalk property required significant attention to address various building envelope issues. Our comprehensive restoration process involved meticulous planning and execution to ensure that every aspect of the building was upgraded to modern standards.

Bridgewalk - St. Louis Park Multifamily Exterior Restoration

Bridgewalk Rennovation

Exterior renovation is underway to address water intrusion, energy efficiency, and structural deficiencies.

Key Restoration Efforts

Deck Replacement: One of the primary concerns was the deteriorated decks. We removed the old, unsafe structures and replaced them with new, durable decks that not only enhanced the building’s appearance but also ensure safety and longevity for the residents.

Sheathing and Wood Framing Replacement: During the restoration process, any compromised sheathing and wood framing were carefully replaced. This step was crucial to maintaining the building’s structural integrity and providing a solid foundation for the new exterior elements.

Installation of Windows, Doors, and Siding: We installed new, high-performance windows and doors, significantly improving the building’s energy efficiency and overall aesthetic. Additionally, new siding was added to give the building a fresh, modern look while providing better protection against the elements.

Green Initiatives and Exterior Insulation: To promote energy efficiency and sustainability, we implemented green initiatives, including the installation of a new exterior insulation system. This system enhances thermal performance, reduces energy consumption, and provides better climate control for the residents.

Addressing Structural Deficiencies: During our restoration efforts, we discovered several structural deficiencies in the pool area. These issues required immediate attention to ensure the safety and functionality of the space.

Roof Deck and Exterior Columns Replacement: We replaced the existing roof deck and all exterior columns with robust steel structures. This upgrade not only addressed the structural deficiencies but also enhanced the durability and longevity of the pool area.

Two-Story Curtain Wall Installation: To bring more natural light into the pool area, we introduced a new two-story curtain wall. This feature not only enhances the aesthetic appeal of the space but also creates a more inviting and vibrant environment for residents to enjoy.

The Result – A Renewed Residential Haven

The comprehensive multifamily exterior restoration of Bridgewalk has transformed the building into a modern, efficient, and visually appealing residential complex. The new decks, windows, doors, and siding have significantly improved the building’s curb appeal, while the green initiatives and structural upgrades have enhanced its functionality and energy efficiency.

Residents now enjoy a beautifully restored living environment that offers improved safety, comfort, and aesthetic appeal. The successful completion of the Bridgewalk project stands as a testament to Paragon Commercial Builders’ dedication to excellence and our ability to deliver outstanding results in exterior restoration projects.