Our dedicated team of experts has 50+ combined years of experience investigating and resolving water intrusion issues through a variety of technologies.

Paragon Commercial Builders has an expert team ready to investigate and resolve water intrusion issues on your property. We’ll repair and rebuild more durable, watertight, and energy-efficient structures to withstand time and harsh climates. Before anything else, our forensic engineers will pinpoint the exact source of the problem to implement a holistic solution.

Through a variety of water intrusion repair techniques, including weatherization, special construction, and structural engineering technologies, we deliver better-than-new results. Additionally, in the unfortunate event of mold, Paragon’s certified mold remediators will address the damage. Water intrusion problems can be devastating, but Paragon is here to see them through.

in-progress repair of a building with fresh plywood siding added

Rescue, repair, and restore methodology

Our multi-step process begins with assessing the situation and developing a plan to return the property to its pre-loss condition or better. We then launch into stopping the intrusion at the source, mitigating damage if possible.

Next, we work to extract as much water from the damaged area as possible. Then, we repair and restore the property in a way that not only remedies the situation but also ensures further water intrusion from occurring.


In an ideal situation, a building’s waterproofing should have the same lifespan as the building itself. However, damage, design mistakes, or poor installation techniques can cause it to prematurely fail.

Eliminating future problems is central to addressing water intrusion issues. We’ll assess whether or not the existing waterproofing methods should be repaired or wholly replaced to prevent repeat damage.

fresh plastic siding liner on the ground level of a building with new windows
plastic overlaying building exterior that is in the process of being repaired

Forensic engineers at the ready

Our well-rounded, expert team includes skilled forensics engineers ready to diagnose and address the toughest water intrusion issues.

The investigation performed will help find the root cause of the water intrusion and select the right type of remedial waterproofing approach to solving the issue.

Mold Remediation

Water/moisture intrusion can cause harmful effects and costly damages and liabilities, like toxic mold, mildew, wood rot, premature deterioration and building collapse. Paragon is a Certified Mold Remediation Contractor, offering expert inspection, removal and remediation of mold and mildew at a price that fits your budget.

building siding removed to show exterior damage and water intrusion, with a worker atop scaffolding