Revitalizing an Iconic Minneapolis Apartment After Water Damage

At Paragon Commercial Builders, we thrive on solving complex challenges and enhancing the functionality and aesthetics of buildings. Our work involved resolving significant water damage in the Minneapolis apartment building. Located in the vibrant “Wedge” area of Minneapolis, our effort in restoring the exterior envelope of Le Parisien is a prime example of our commitment to excellence. This 28,000-square-foot project involved fixing significant water intrusion issues and revitalizing the property to enhance its appeal and value.

Addressing Water Intrusion Challenges

The Le Parisien building had been suffering from severe water intrusion issues due to faulty window flashing and a compromised stucco exterior. Recognizing the urgency of the situation, Paragon collaborated with a dedicated team to implement a comprehensive solution.

Bridgewalk - St. Louis Park Multifamily Exterior Restoration


Exterior renovation is underway to address water intrusion, energy efficiency, and structural deficiencies.

Key Restoration Efforts

Stucco Removal and Structural Repairs

To tackle the root cause of the water intrusion, we began by removing the existing stucco. This process revealed extensive damage to the plywood sheathing and insulation, which were promptly replaced. Targeted structural wood replacement ensured the building’s integrity and prevented future water-related issues.

Window and Door Replacement

As part of the restoration, all exterior doors and windows were replaced. This not only resolved the flashing issues but also enhanced the building’s energy efficiency and overall appearance. High-quality, properly installed windows and doors are crucial in preventing future water infiltration and improving the building’s comfort.

Concrete Floor and Sidewalk Drainage Solutions

The main level’s concrete floors exhibited significant cracking, and the existing sidewalk drainage directed water toward the building, exacerbating the intrusion issues. To rectify this, we removed the compromised sidewalks and installed a drain tile system to ensure proper water drainage away from the building. This crucial step mitigated further water damage and protected the building’s foundation.

Revitalizing Le Parisien and the Neighborhood

While the project was initially driven by the necessity to address water intrusion, the comprehensive restoration of Le Parisien had a far-reaching impact. The building’s revitalization significantly improved its aesthetics, making it more attractive to potential tenants and boosting its overall marketability.

Enhancing Neighborhood Appeal

Le Parisien’s transformation also contributed positively to the “Wedge” neighborhood’s charm. A well-maintained and visually appealing building adds value to the surrounding area, creating a more inviting environment for residents and visitors alike.

Conclusion – A Successful Restoration

The successful completion of the Le Parisien project underscores Paragon Commercial Builders’ expertise in handling complex restoration projects. Our meticulous approach to solving water intrusion issues and enhancing the building’s structural and aesthetic qualities resulted in a renewed property that stands out in its vibrant Minneapolis neighborhood.