We know just how vital the planning, coordination, and management of a construction job is; we’ll bring you that same clarity.

Paragon’s thorough pre-construction process ensures that every construction project starts off on the right track. Collaborating with clients, architects, and engineers, we’ll evaluate and present you all of your options to meet your vision and match your desired budget.

With decades of prior work to draw on, we can provide comparable examples of your desired outcome to bring clarity to your decision-making. We deliver accurate project estimates and precise construction schedules by leveraging our extensive industry knowledge. Our meticulous planning, detailed cost estimations, and thorough overall project analysis provide clients a comprehensive pre-construction overview, laying the groundwork for the impeccable project execution Paragon’s known for.

large office building on a summer day


With years of a diverse range of projects under our belts, we have experience and prior work to draw on to most accurately forecast your project timelines and budget. Paragon’s success in many aspects of construction work mitigates surprises right from the planning phase.

KEY ACCESS to our design team

Through the pre-construction phase, our clients work directly with our experienced team of designers and watch their vision take shape. Paragon’s designers in turn work with contractors to ensure that the site’s design and feasibility align.

Aerial view of office building
City Bella with scaffolding set up in front

Cost-Effective Approach to Building

Our comprehensive planning and analysis in the preconstruction phase identifies potential risks and challenges before they happen, saving both time and money. Additionally, we’ll develop accurate cost estimates and identify opportunities for cost savings without compromising our reputation for top-quality.