Whatever framing material you’re considering, Paragon will work to find the best solution for your project and our expert team will get the job done.

From apartment buildings to industrial warehouses, we can help your project take shape. Paragon manages multiple framing crews for all different project types, self-performing the framing for new construction and restorations.

A well-done framing job forms the strong basis of any new build construction project. Whatever building material your project requires, Paragon can help you achieve this essential step in the building process. Interior and exterior walls are erected and the roof base, window frames, and door openings created, making this an exciting process as you watch the building take shape.

plastic overlaying building exterior that is in the process of being repaired

Wood Framing

The most frequently encountered framing building material, wood is known as being a cost-effective, oft-used option for framing projects. Additionally, wood is a renewable resource that can offset carbon emissions, as the material acts as a carbon sink. It is also durable, flexible, and easy to handle.

Steel Stud Framing

Steel framing is known as being strong, durable, and fire retardant. While its upfront cost is higher than wood, many proponents feel the long-term benefits offset the high initial investment. Whatever framing material you’re considering, Paragon can help find the best solution for you and get the job done.

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Aerial view of rooftop with construction materials on it

Roof Framing

When it comes to the construction of a new building, roof framing plays a crucial role in establishing a strong and durable structure. The look of a roof also contributes to the overall aesthetic of a structure. Get the look you want and the support you need with Paragon.