The design-build method creates a united team made up of designers and builders, resulting in faster project completion and reliable budget estimates.

Paragon’s design-build approach to construction brings all the right experts to the table to spin mere concepts into fully-realized buildings. Through collaboration and open communication, we streamline this complicated process.

By having our designers and builders work together, united in a single process, we are able to project delivery that mitigates costs, incurs less risk, and improves timeline speed. Additionally, design-build encourages collaborative problem-solving and innovation within the team and with our clients. The approach is implemented into every aspect of a project so that everything flows smoothly from beginning to end.

City Bella under construction with scaffolding and cherry pickers in front

Time Savings

Because designers and builders work closely together, some aspects of construction can begin before the detailed final designs are completed. This speeds up the entire process timeline and allows owners to occupy their facilities sooner.

Smooth Process

The united responsibility between contractor and architect with the design-build approach means there are no conflicting recommendations between the two. Paragon maintains total accountability for any and all construction and design elements.

The Moments of Lakeville Aerial view
plastic overlaying building exterior that is in the process of being repaired

Risk mitigation

By involving the construction team during the design phase, any challenges with constructability or feasibility can be addressed early on, reducing the likelihood of costly redesigns or changes later in the process.